Homeunity’s 2023 achievements and forward-looking plans for 2024



As we close another eventful year at Homeunity, we take a moment to celebrate our accomplishments and set our sights on the exciting prospects for the upcoming year.

2023: A Year of Significant Milestones

  • Project Launch: 2023 marked the beginning of our journey, as we launched Homeunity, bringing a new vision to the intersection of real estate and cryptocurrency.
  • Token Launch: Our token made its debut, representing a key milestone in our growth and the trust placed in us by our community.
  • Exchange Listings: We achieved listings on Bit.team, DigiFinex, and OrangeX, significantly expanding our reach in the cryptocurrency market.
  • Social Media Expansion: Our presence on various social media platforms grew exponentially, engaging a wider audience and building a robust community.
  • Zealy Campaign: Our successful campaign with Zealy highlighted our commitment to innovation and community engagement.

Looking Ahead to 2024

  • Tokenized Real Estate Marketplace: One of our most ambitious projects, the launch of a marketplace for tokenized real estate, is set to recast the industry.
  • Global Expansion: We plan to enter 5 new countries, broadening our impact and embracing new markets.
  • Larger Exchange Listings: Aiming for listings on larger exchanges to enhance the liquidity and accessibility of our token.
  • DEX Launch: The introduction of our own Decentralized Exchange (DEX) will provide a seamless trading experience for our users.
  • Second Token Launch: We are excited about the launch of our second token, a real estate-backed stablecoin, adding a new dimension to our offerings.
  • Profit Distribution to HRPT Holders: A significant event where we will distribute the first profits to our HRPT token holders, rewarding their faith in our vision.

As we embark on another year, we remain committed to innovation, growth, and the continuous pursuit of excellence. Join us on this journey as we explore new horizons in the realms of real estate and cryptocurrency.